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    The BulletSafe Active Shooter Kit - 2 Plates and A Carrier

    Many officers need to respond quickly to an active shooter situation, so we have developed the BulletSafe Active Shooter Kit. This package includes two of our ceramic plates (which offer NIJ Level IV protection when used in conjunction with a IIIA vest) and a plate carrier with a MOLLE system.

    This package is easy to carry in your patrol car or to keep handy at your desk. When needed, you can quickly throw it over your vest. The BulletSafe Active Shooter Kit allows officers a quick response to a situation that requires stopping rifle rounds.

    The BulletSafe Ceramic Plates included in this package stop rounds from AR's and AK's all by themselves, and when used in conjunction with a IIIA vest are rated to stop a 30-06. These are the same plates available through us individually. Thousands of officers and other professionals use these plates everyday. Our BulletSafe Ceramic Plates are 10"x12" with a single curve and an ambidextrous shooter's cut. The Active Shooter Kit combines two of these ceramic plates with a plate carrier to offer a high level of protection that can be deployed in a hurry.

    The BulletSafe Active Shooter Kit is one-size-fits-most. It can be adjusted to fit users from 125-300lbs. in weight. The plate carrier features standard-size MOLLE straps so that you may add the equipment you prefer. MOLLE is a convenient way to customize your equipment without costly tailoring. MOLLE accessories can be purchased to hold your gun, ammunition, communications gear, flashlight, or virtually anything.

    Ceramic plates are a great choice for an active shooter kit. Ceramic plates are significantly lighter than their steel counterparts. In fact, our Active Shooter Kit is 40% lighter than an active shooter response kit that includes steel plates. The combined weight of our two ceramic plates and the carrier is 13.5lbs.



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