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    Affiliate Program

    Click Here To Earn Money Selling BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests.

    What Is An Affiliate Program?

    An affiliate program is where people who have an interested audience partner with companies like BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests. When you share information and ads for BulletSafe products your customers will make a purchase. From that purchase the program pays you a healthy commission. Affiliate programs could be described as the professional version of "refer-a-friend". What makes is so professional?

    AvantLink does. They operate the affiliate program network. Between the affiliate (that's you) and the merchant (that's BulletSafe) there is an affiliate network. These networks make sure that everyone is being treated fairly, that orders pay commissions, and that affiliates get paid. Avantlink is a network that specializes in lifesaving products like ours.

    You can sign up for the BulletSafe / Avantlink program by clicking here.

    Avantlink will help you install banner ads, text ads, and even videos onto your website. When people watch those ads and buy something, you'll get paid.

    Referring your friends and readers to BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests makes sense.  Our vests appeal to a lot of people because they are protective and affordable.  A lot of affiliates are making money from the BulletSafe Affiliate program. We hope you will sign up too.

    Get Started - Click Here

    Affiliates Can Be:

    • Publishers
    • Subject Matter Experts
    • Reporters
    • Police/Security/Fire/EMT Bloggers
    • YouTube Channels
    • Social Media Sites
    • Forums/Discussion Boards
    • Podcasts
    • Email Lists

    What Are The Perks?

    • You'll have an affiliate program manager to help you and your account.
    • BulletSafe.com will ship your customer's orders direct from our manufacturing site, quickly.
    • A great product that you can refer people to in good conscience
    • Strong commissions, so you earn a fair amount, 10.4%
    • 60 Day cookie so people you refer do not have to buy right away.
    • A $470 Average Order Value. Very high for internet retail.

    Who Should Not Apply:

    • BulletSafe does not work with coupon or offer sites. We never discount our price, so this type of site does not work with our "one price for everyone" sales process.

    Sign Up - Click Here



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