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        SKU : BS56005

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        The BulletSafe Bulletproof Backpack Panel Insert

        This bulletproof backpack panel is made here right in the USA and transforms any backpack into a bulletproof backpack. This allows you the freedom to choose any backpack or to make your current backpack into a bulletproof backpack. This bulletproof panel will fit almost anywhere so you can use it in a briefcase, laptop bag, or shooter's bag. This versatile bulletproof panel uses the same ballistic materials as our bulletproof vest. Place it inside a backpack, briefcase, bug-out bag or even a purse. It provides NIJ level IIIA protection, which means it will stop almost all handgun rounds including a .44 Magnum.


        Our bulletproof backpack panel measures 10 inches by 14 inches and weighs just 17 ounces. It is flexible and lightweight. Our bulletproof backpack panel measures 0.29 inches thick. Made in USA.

        Backpack Panel vs. Bulletproof Backpack:

        Here is why you should choose a bulletproof backpack panel instead of bulletproof backpack. Our panel is guaranteed to stop bullets for at least 5 years. That is longer than a kid's backpack will last. It is a mistake to buy a bulletproof backpack, because once the backpack is worn or torn you can no longer use it. If you buy a bulletproof panel like this one, you can move the panel from backpack to backpack for years. A kid can use it in their Pikachu backpack, then their high school backpack, then even use it in college in their computer bag.

        Benefits of a Bulletproof Backpack Panel

        Besides the most obvious reasons why one would invest in bulletproof panels designed for modern backpacks, a bulletproof backpack insert comes with a few advantages:

        • Lightweight — School-age children can’t carry tens of pounds of additional material in their backpacks, which is why the backpack armor is lightweight and compact.
        • Durable — A premier bulletproof backpack insert must be durable to withstand rubbing up against books and school supplies and being in constant movement. Trust us; this panel is durable!
        • Versatility — While designed as a bulletproof backpack armor panel, the backpack armor also proves effective in a briefcase or laptop bag.
        • Protection — The armored panel offers unparalleled protection against small-caliber handgun rounds, and even up to .44 Magnum, to withstand any unfortunate scenarios one may encounter while wearing a backpack.

        Can I return a product for a refund?

        Yes, but only if the item is in new condition and you do it quickly. Returns are accepted if they are postmarked within 7 days of receipt. All returns are charged a 15% inspection/restocking fee. The product must be returned in as-new condition (clean, dust-free, unworn, not covered in animal hair). All returns require a Return Authorization.

        Please contact BulletSafe/Sellmark Corporation Customer Support at 817-241-5745 to discuss your refund and return process


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