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        BreatheSafe Respirator / Gas Mask Kit

        The BreatheSafe Respirator / Gas Mask Kit is designed to be used to protect against certain solids, particles, fumes, and gasses. It includes two filter types so that you can breathe safe under a variety of conditions. It also includes a high-quality silicone sealed face shield. The BreatheSafe Respirator is what you need to breathe safely.

        Why Did a Bulletproof Vest Company Make A Gas Mask?

        We made a gas mask because our customers need one. Most people have no idea how many wellness checks police officers conduct. They are constantly entering people's homes to make sure they are OK. This happens in every town in America and doing this during a pandemic puts our first-responders in danger. They need protection from numerous airborne pathogens.

        These days first responders are doing more riot duty than ever so this kit also includes a P-A-1 filter element to protect you from items such as tear gas and pepper spray. These filter elements use a standardized interface, making it easy to obtain replacement filters. The BreatheSafe Respirator / Gas Mask ensures you will be able to breathe safely.

        The Respirator Mask

        The main element of our product is a top-quality face shield and mask. It uses silicone sealing elements. Silicone is advantageous over natural rubber because it is chemically inert, easier to clean, and will last longer than a natural rubber product. It is also significantly softer, so it takes less pressure to seal against your face. This makes the BreatheSafe respirator more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. It is a great choice for professionals that need to breathe safely. Here are some of the features of the BreatheSafe Respirator Mask:

        Large, Optical grade viewing port so you can read clearly and conduct your business effectively while wearing the mask.

        • Medical Grade Silicone construction
        • Allows the mask to be cleaned thoroughly
        • Soft seal so it can be worn for long periods
        • Longer life than natural rubber
        • Non-latex so it is allergy free

        Dual filter ports allows you to use two filters at once for longer, safer operation.
        Voice port allows the transmission of sound without letting air flow through. Essential for being able to talk while wearing the respirator.
        Silicone breathe shield to keep the viewport free of condensation and fog.
        Filters - The BreatheSafe Respirator Kit comes with two pairs of filters. These filters can be used for just about any conditions you will encounter. Both filters install easily onto the respirator and are designed to be used accordingly.

        Organic Vapor Filters

        These P-A-1 filters are for dangerous gasses of the organic variety. This includes tear gas and pepper spray, but also: acetone, toluene, xylene, aniline, nitrobenzene, gasoline, chloropicrin, carbon disulfide, and even organic items that have noxious odors, like crime scene cleanups, wellness checks, or hoarding conditions. The P-A-1 filter is perfect for police work, riots, working with spicy foods, and industrial situations.

        Particulate Filters

        These P-100 filters are the industry standard in particulate filtration. This includes uses against certain solids such as those from processing minerals, sanding, and grinding, certain liquid or oil-based particles from sprays that do not also emit vapors, certain metal fumes produced from welding, brazing, cutting, and other operations involving the heating of metals, certain radioactive materials such as uranium and plutonium, and asbestos.

        These filters are perfect for situations where dangerous particles are in the air. These can be everything from water droplets that contain viruses or bacteria or particulates such as dust, debris, and even asbestos. These filters remove up to 99.97% of these contaminants. It is a cartridge filter that has the filter elements stored inside and behind the hard plastic case. This design is far superior to a pancake style filter where the element is exposed. A much better solution that can allow longer use from each filter.

        The BreathSafe Respirator / Gas Mask Kit Includes:

        • The BreatheSafe Respirator Mask
        • One Pair of P-A-1 Filters
        • One Pair of P-100 Filters
        • Storage Bag

        *This product has not been tested or certified by NIOSH and any ratings described for this product only apply when used correctly. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the appropriate use of this product.


          What are the benefits of the BreatheSafe Respirator and Gas Mask Kit? For the worst types of situations, it can help protect your oxygen supply. With a high-quality silicone face shield, these gas masks come with multiple filter elements, including P-A-1 and P-100 filters, along with dual breathing ports, to ensure wearers maintain a steady, clean supply of oxygen. They are made of medical-grade Silicone, last longer than rubber, and are non-latex, to alleviate allergy concerns. It can also be cleaned and reused multiple times.

          Do you need to be clean-shaven to use a respirator gas mask effectively? - Yes. You cannot get a proper seal with a beard or stubble.

          Is this respirator compatible with eyeglasses? No. It is not compatible. If you need eyeglass compatibility we suggest you purchase a 3M brand respirator. They are expensive (Typically $349) but they offer a kit to use with your eyeglasses.

          When should you put on your respirator / gas mask? - You should put on your respirator before you smell anything. Once you realize you are in danger, you may be too late.

          What is the storage life of the filters? The filters in your kit are brand-new and factory fresh. They typically carry a 3 year shelf life. If you do not open the filter wrappers, they will last for 3 years.

          What is the useful life of the filters?

          The P-A-1 filter has a "heavy use" life of 30 minutes, the kit includes 2, so you will have a heavy use life of 60 minutes. If your exposure to dangerous fumes is not heavy, the filters will last much longer. No matter what your exposure, the P-A-1 filters should be replaced 2 weeks after the sealed wrapper is opened.
          The 7093CN filters need to be replaced when they become clogged. When your filters become difficult to breathe through, you should replace them. In a hospital environment, they will last approximately 2 months.

          Does the BreatheSafe Respirator / Gas Mask come in sizes? No. It is one-size fits almost everyone. The way it seals mainly to the front of your face allows almost everyone to wear it.

          Do you have replacement filters for the BreatheSafe Respirator / Gas Mask? Yes. They are available here.

          Will this gas mask stop tear gas and pepper spray? Yes. Use the P-A-1 filter for that.

          Will this gas mask stop COVID-19? Yes. Use the 7093CM P100 fil that purpose.

          Will this gas mask allow me to breathe clean air near the forest fires? Yes, the 7093CN filter will remove the smoke particles from the air, but it will not provide you with oxygen, so be careful.

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