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        Demonstrating bulletproof vests is often easier than explaining them. That's why BulletSafe created videos that really show you what our vest is capable of and how you can get the most out of it. In our video series How Bulletproof, we also show you regular objects and how they perform again bullets. Our goal is to help you understand just how capable our vest really is.

        How bulletproof are jeans or a jean jacket? In this video we demonstrate just how many layers of denim you will need to equal a BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. Hint: It's a lot of them!

        In the video above, which is episode #10 of How Bulletproof, we show you our vest stopping a round from a .50 cal Desert Eagle, then we show what that same round does to 8 layers of pork ribs. They say that pork ribs are about the same strength and size as human ribs, so this might be a good indication of what would happen if you were shot in the chest. It is ugly. Please wear your vest.

        What about our plates? What will our ceramic plate stop, and how many times will it stop it? The above video shows you multiple shots into our ceramic ballistic plate.

        Lab tests show that our vest passes the NIJ test for a level IIIA and will stop a .44 Magnum, but rumors exist that bulletproof vests won't stop smaller rounds or different rounds. We took our bullet proof vest out to the range and put it to the test in a series of videos.

        In this video we used any size handgun we could find and shot rounds into the vest to see if it stopped them. And it did. We even shot the .22LR and the .45 ACP from longer guns to be sure. In later videos we shot the vest with a .50 Cal Desert Eagle and it even stopped that!

        I think you will agree that the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest works well and will stop rounds from almost every handgun you will encounter. Thanks for watching our video and for considering our vest.

        What Does It Feel Like To Be Shot While Wearing A Bulletproof Vest? Here is how we conducted the test.

        First, we mounted the vest on a five gallon water jug and filled it right to the top. That is a little over 40 lbs of water, a close approximation of the human torso. Next, when we shot the vest, we watched how much water sprayed up out of the bottle. This escaping water gave some idea of how much energy is being exerted.

        Next, we chose something to hit the bottle with. We chose tools that had a strike face similar in size to the divot that the bulletproof vest will leave on a clay test surface. A baseball bat and rubber mallet were really close. Then, we struck a full water bottle with these tools and tried to recreate the water spout.

        The results show that being shot while wearing a bulletproof vest is between being struck with a rubber mallet and being hit with a baseball bat. That's a lot better than being shot. It is no wonder why so many people are wearing bulletproof vests these days.

        How many times can you shoot a bulletproof vest? Watch this test as we repeatedly shoot a BulletSafe vest over and over again in the same spot. On the frontside we took our already-tested vest and shot it repeatedly with a .22LR rifle. On the back we shot it with a .40 S&W.

        The frontside of this bulletproof vest had already been shot six times, but it hadn't failed, so we decided to shoot it with a .22LR. We tried to shoot it in the same exact spot, and after 46 bullets the water bottle behind it started leaking so we stopped the test. Afterward though, we realized that the bullets had NOT fully penetrated the vest; instead we had just broken the bottle from all of the impacts. Oh well, we didn't find the exact number, but we did shoot a total of 53 rounds into the vest without failure. That's pretty impressive.

        Next, my buddy Nate and I shot .40 S&Ws into the backside of the bulletproof vest. Since the backside protection is the same as the front, this is like starting with a fresh vest. After a couple of rounds we shattered the water bottle. Then we had to shoot some more. After a few more rounds we shot low and the bullet grazed the protective layers and broke the bottle. We still aren't sure how many .40 rounds you can shoot into a Bulletsafe Bulletproof Vest, but my guess is it is quite a few.

        We have the vest that we shot in our office. If anyone wants to see it, we'll try to bring it out with us to trade shows and on sales calls. It is fun to see, and the bullets that were embedded in it are fun to look at as well.

        We also have videos where we shoot our ballistic plates. In this video, we shoot the BulletSafe ballistic plates with a .223 from an AR-15. This standard FMJ round is absorbed by the ceramic plate.

        In this video we use some steel core .223. These rounds are designed to pierce body armor, but the combination of our vest and plate stop this round. This is the type of protection that requires NIJ Level IV combination.

        In this video we shoot our vest/plate combination with a .30-06. This heavy hunting round is a serious test for any bulletproof combination. The 7.62 x 63mm round is powerful and large. As you can see in the video, the round puts a giant bubble in the back of our plate and the vest gets involved at this point as well.

        Unlike the vest, the plate material is used up after it is shot. It is unlikely that any plate will stop multiple rounds of ammunition that strikes it in the same spot. So, if someone shoots you while you are wearing our vest and plate, get the heck out of there quickly.

        Thanks again for watching, visiting our website, and buying the BulletSafe vest.



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