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        The BulletSafe vest is available in six sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, and 4XL.

        The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest Size Chart Please use this helpful BulletSafe size chart. We use your height and weight as a good way to fit a bulletproof vest. This size might be different than your shirt size. Bulletproof vests do not stretch, and do not have to contain your shoulders, so you cannot choose the size of your bulletproof vest the same way that you order a t-shirt.

        Bulletproof Vest Size Chart

        You can download a full spec. sheet about the BulletSafe Vest here.

        Another note on bulletproof vest sizing: Your bulletproof vest needs to fit in one main area: around your navel. The length of the vest is not important as you can use the shoulder straps to adjust it; the important factor to consider is the diameter of your midsection. If you are a thin man with a large belly, try to order at the top of your size range so that you can fasten the vest around your mid-section. If you are a competitive cyclist with large legs and a slender waist, order at the bottom of your size range.

        Some comments from people who have come into our office and have been sized for their bulletproof vest:

        JF said - "I am an extra large man and I needed an extra large bulletproof vest. I thought I might have needed a 2X because I usually wear a 2X t-shirt, but I see that the vest is best worn tight like an undershirt, so XL it is." Note: JF was 6'1" and 225lbs and a bouncer-type of build.

        TN said - "I wear a Large t-shirt normally but a Medium undershirt so that it doesn't bunch up under a dress shirt. Usually though a Medium undershirt is a little too short. Since the length of the vest is adjustable I went with a Medium vest. The Large vest left too much of the velcro flaps hanging loose in the front." Note: TN is 5'11" tall and 175 lbs. He has wide shoulders but a slim midsection, and your shoulders stick out of the vest while your midsection is wrapped, so a Medium was best. If he had been narrow in the shoulders and thicker in the stomach, a Large might have been better even for the same height and weight. Either way would have fit well though.

        KJ said - "I'm a smaller guy that rides bikes a lot. I knew a small would be right and it is." Note: KJ is 5'4" tall and 140 lbs, and he has a slender mid-section.

        MK said - "I'm a 2X all the way, I've been 2X since high school. I'm 6'5" tall and 280 lbs. I'm surprised that I could probably gain 50 lbs and this would still fit me." Note: This guy is super tall and although he is heavy, he didn't have a large midsection, so a vest fits him well.

        VS said - "I'm 350 lbs and 6' tall, I can't wear a 2X t-shirt so so I didn't think a vest would fit me and it didn't. I tried on the 4X and it was a good fit. It could certainly fit guys way bigger than me, but it meets my needs well too."

        CH said - "I'm 6' tall and 190 lbs. According to the size chart two sizes would have been right for my height, Large or Medium. I was surprised because I wear an XL shirt. I never buy a Large at all because I like to wear my shirts loose. They joked at the BulletSafe office that maybe I should be buying smaller shirts and when I mentioned it to my wife, she said that I do wear my shirts too big." Note: CH fit right into a Large. He probably would have been happy with a Medium but an Extra Large is way too big. Remember these vests go around your midsection, so if you don't have an extra large stomach, an Extra Large vest will be wrong.



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