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        Do Bullet Proof Vests Stop Bullets?

        We like the term bulletproof because everyone uses it.  Sure, things that are called "bulletproof" don't stop every bullet, but waterproof watches can't go to the bottom of the ocean either.  Sometimes I meet someone who tries to correct my use of the term bulletproof and insists on using the term bullet-resistant.  I tend to smile and nod.  They probably prefer term bullet-resistant because few, if any, materials provide complete protection against all types of bullets.   Users of bulletproof vests and the general public almost never use that term though, instead they call this type of vest Bulletproof.  So let's just call it a bulletproof vest, OK?

        Different types of body armor have different levels of bullet resistance. The National Institute of Justice uses a ranking system to let consumers know the level of bullet resistance of each product. There are six levels of armor: Type I, IIA, II, IIB, III and IV. Type I is the lowest level of bullet protection, while level IV offers the highest level of protection.

        Because consumers often use the term bulletproof when searching for bullet-resistant vests, retailers sometimes use the term as well. As you will see, we use the term bulletproof almost constantly.

        Also worth noting: the terms bullet proof and bulletproof are interchangeable. It doesn't make a difference if you separate the words or use them compounded; both are correct. Bullet resistant and bullet-resistant are also interchangeable terms.

        BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests are Level IIIA vests, meaning they will protect you from most handgun rounds. The BulletSafe Vest will stop certain types of bullets up to and including a .44 Magnum. Not only will our vest stop these bullets but it will also keep the impact effects within the specs required to pass the NIJ test for level IIIA.

        The High Molecular Weight Polyethylene in our bullet proof vests is crafted into very fine threads, and these fibers are woven together to form a web. Many layers of these HTSP webs are woven together to form a dense, lightweight vest. The BulletSafe Bullet Proof Vest is then capable of stopping certain types of bullets.

        It is important to wear a bulletproof vest that fits you properly. Protection over the chest and down to the belly button is crucial. A bulletproof vest should not extend past your belly button, however; this restricts mobility and makes movement difficult.

        No bulletproof vest will make you immortal, or even protect you from all injury. Class 3A bulletproof vests will protect your vital organs from most handgun rounds. If you are shot and it hits the vest, you may still suffer injury due to impact. However, you will suffer much less than if you hadn't been wearing a bullet proof vest.



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