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        As a US citizen or resident of the US you have the right to protect yourself. You have the right to own a bulletproof vest.

        The right to own a bulletproof vest is automatically taken away however if you commit a violent crime. That's right. The James Guelff and Chris McCurley Body Armor Act of 2002 stipulates that no person previously convicted of a violent crime may purchase, own or possess body armor. If you have been convicted of a violent felony, you cannot own a bulletproof vest.

        There is no background check, waiting period, or federal registration required to buy a bulletproof vest. You can order a vest on, and have it delivered to your home or office without asking permission or reporting to anyone. You do not need to register it with authorities and we do not share your information with anyone.

        We can send bulletproof vests to 49 states. Unfortunately, Connecticut has more restrictive laws on how vests can be sold. In Connecticut, you must buy a bullet proof vest in person. You can still own a bulletproof vest if you live in Connecticut, we just cannot ship vests to Connecticut. If you live there you must purchased a bulletproof vest face-to-face. Residents of the other 49 states are free to buy a bulletproof vest right here, online at BulletSafe.

        For more details about the bulletproof vest regulations in your state, see the guides below.



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