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    BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest Company Info

    BulletSafe.com offers a great bulletproof vest at an unbelievable price.

    BulletSafe.com was launched by the team at PriveCo Inc. and Tom Nardone, PriveCo's CEO. Tom is a former military equipment Test Engineer with extensive experience testing the ballistics capabilities of mechanical components.

    Mr. Nardone is taking the challenge of delivering great ballistics protection gear at an affordable price. He ensures that the products we sell are safe, meet the test standards, and are offered at a great price.

    BulletSafe.com is operated by PriveCo Inc.
    We have been in business since 1998 and we operate out of our office and warehouse in Troy, Michigan. PriveCo owns and operates a number of medium-small retail websites that sell items that are difficult to ask for in person. Inexpensive Bullet Proof Vests seemed like a good retail venture for the company and we are happy to put our support team and expertise to use in getting you great products at an unbeatable price.

    By standard mail:
    Bullet Safe / A Division of PriveCo Inc.
    352 Oliver Dr.
    Troy MI 48084
    By phone:
    248-457-6877 (between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST)

    Policies: Payment Methods and Sales Tax:

    We are very pleased to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. Unfortunately we cannot accept personal checks.

    Sales tax is charged for Michigan residents only. The rate is 6% by law. The site will use your address to determine if tax should be applied and will do so for Michigan residents. Michigan Retailers are welcome to contact us for a special purchase code that will remove the sales tax. Connecticut residents are not able to shop with us. Connecticut law states that bulletproof vests and body armor can only be sold in a face-to-face transaction, so we are unable to ship there.


    We offer five different shipping methods to meet any schedule and budget:
    Ground shipping costs $8.95 regardless of how many vests you purchase. It takes 6-8 business days to arrive.
    Priority delivery costs $11.95 regardless of how many vests you purchase. It takes 3-5 business days to arrive.
    Accelerated Priority costs $19.95 regardless of how many vests you purchase. It takes 2-4 business days to arrive.
    Express shipping costs $34.95 regardless of how many vests you purchase. It takes 1-2 business days to arrive.
    Free shipping is available to any order that contains a bulletproof vest. It is free. It takes 10-14 business days to arrive.

    Exchanges and Returns:

    Exchange for a different size: You may exchange your vest for a different size within 30 days. If you would like to exchange for a different size, please return the vest in "As New" condition and include a note with your return telling us what size you would like receive. "As New" means that the vest is perfect and can be immediately sold to another person. We will mail the correct size free of charge.

    Returning a vest for a refund? Returns are accepted if they are postmarked within 7 days of receipt. All returns are charged a 15% inspection/restocking fee. The vest must be returned in "As New" condition. "As New" means that the vest is perfect and can be immediately sold to another person. When you mail it back to us, contact help@priveco.com with your tracking information. Orders that originally received free shipping will also be charged the $9.95 shipping fee that they received for free initially.

    Vests that are not returned "As New" will be charged a $79 fee to replace the vest carrier. We aren't trying to be mean about it, but everyone who buys a bulletproof vest deserves one that is crisp and clean, not previously worn or handled poorly.

    Used Vest Buyback:

    If your vest saved your life, we want it.
    Did your BulletSafe vest save your life? If so, we want to buy it back from you. We will give you half of the price of a new vest in exchange for your used vest, plus we'll be able to examine how well it worked and use that information to make improvements to future vests. Please, if your vest served its purpose, let us have a look.

    Privacy Policy
    We take your privacy very seriously, that is why we ship all orders directly from our warehouse.
    When you place an order with us, your information is used to verify that the credit card used matches the billing address you provide.
    We also use your personal information to ship your vests to you.
    Customers are placed on the BulletSafe Newsletter, which is sent 1-2 times per month. Unsubscribing can be done with one click.
    We do not share, trade, or sell your information to outside parties. Your purchase is handled privately.

    BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest Company Info

    Questions for the CEO:

    Here is an interview with Tom Nardone, the President of PriveCo Inc. and BulletSafe.com.

    Why do you sell bulletproof vests and body armor?
    Bulletproof vests seem like a necessary piece of equipment for many people's jobs. Body armor is difficult to find in a store and expensive. I thought that I could use my company's purchasing power to offer a great price on bullet proof vests and sell them online. The product makes sense for me considering my background as a military equipment Test Engineer and as the owner of a company that does Internet retail.

    Speaking of your background, can you tell us about that?
    I worked for Sikorsky Aircraft, a helicopter manufacturer. During my tenure there, I was responsible for testing fuel and hydraulic systems, which are important areas to keep bullet safe. I worked on ballistics tests of fuel tanks, fuel lines, and hydraulic components. It was a great experience and I learned a lot. I have applied the knowledge gained there in launching this company. Bulletproof vests, like helicopter parts, have a testing standard to ensure they are safe to use in the field. I want to help people translate these standards into the best vest for their budget.

    How do you feel about bulletproof vests imported from other countries?
    As long as the vests are tested to the same standards and pass the test, I'm fine buying them from anywhere. The Chinese military and the Israeli military want their soldiers and police officers to be safe. The technology behind bulletproof vests is not unique to the United States, everyone has it, so there is no magic US-made formula to creating an effective bullet proof vest. Bulletproof vests are like any other manufactured textile and those businesses are generally dominated by overseas companies. My experience meeting potential suppliers is that people who make bulletproof vests are proud of their work and concerned for their customers. I have also personally tested the vests that we sell and some others that we do not and the foreign-made vests performed just as well as US-made vests.

    Have you ever been shot wearing a vest and would you ever shoot yourself while wearing one?
    No. I was a Test Engineer for a long enough period of time that I saw all sorts of mistakes happen. I would never intentionally put myself in a potentially deadly situation. If that doesn't sound sincere enough to you, at least you can feel safe knowing that I am smarter than I am brave.

    Do you wear a vest regularly?
    I wear a vest when I do volunteer work in the city of Detroit, which is every other Wednesday evening and some weekends. I don't need to wear one in my office or my house because I think my employees, my wife, and my kids like me.

    What do you think the future of the bulletproof vest will be?
    It's been a few decades since vests similar to what exist today were introduced. I think the biggest innovations are in reducing the cost of the products and I hope that my company has a big effect on that. It wasn't long ago that a bulletproof vest cost over $1,000. Now, we are offering one for much less than that. I don't think that they will get too much more compact or lightweight anytime soon, they already incorporate some of the strongest materials known to man, so I don't expect much improvement in making them thinner. I would love to see one available for $100 someday, but that might be a while from now. I'll keep trying to lower the cost to the consumer though.

    Do you want everyone in the US to own a bulletproof vest?
    No. I hope we never have to live in that type of place. I just want people who work in dangerous situations to be able to afford one.

    For these, or any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us. Our customer service line is 1-800-809-0610.
    Or you can email us as well at: help@priveco.com

    BulletSafe Press Releases - Read the latest happenings at BulletSafe. We are working hard to develop new ways to bring you a great bulletproof vest at an unbelievable price.

    BulletSafe, the company that brought you the $299 Level IIIA Bulletproof Vest is proud to introduce a $169 Level IV Ballistic Plate. This Alumina-Ceramic plate will protect hunters, sportsmen and others from heavy rifle fire.
    BulletSafe, the company that offers a great bulletproof vest at an unbelievable price, is pleased to announce that they have acquired BulletproofVest.com. BulletSafe purchased BulletProofVest.com for $7,500 from a domain name investor.
    The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest offers level IIIA protection, which is the level consumers will want. Level IIIA will stop almost all handgun bullets including a .44 Magnum, and will keep customers safe without requiring heavy armor plating.
    BulletSafe.com is proud to introduce the BulletSafe Bullet Proof Vest, it is a great bulletproof vest at an unbeatable price. The MSRP on this Level IIIA BulletSafe Vest is just $299, while other companies offer a suggested price of $599 to over $1,000.
    Find out the latest news about BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests and our efforts to improve the amount of value that customers receive when they purchase protective equipment.
    Our Bulletproof Vest stops all handgun rounds up to a .44 Magnum at an unbeatable price.
    In Stock - Ships Immediately - Please Use Our Size Chart for Proper Fit
    $699.00 $299.00
    Upgrade your BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest to class IV protection. Insert these ceramic plates in the front, rear, or both pockets.
    Will Ship May 15th
    $249.00 $169.00
    Want to see our bulletproof vest in action? Watch these videos. You'll see us shooting a vest and analyzing how well it performed. You'll be amazed at how well the Bulletsafe vest performs under fire.
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    Would you like to sell BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests and Plates in your store? BulletSafe offers dealer packages that will help you be successful at selling bulletproof vests.


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