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        What Types of Armor Plates are Available?

        BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests offer you Level IIIA protection. They protect you from most handgun fire, including .44 Magnum full metal jacket, round-nose bullets.

        Because our customers might decide they want more protection in the future, the BulletSafe Bullet Proof Vest is manufactured with pockets to hold armor plates. These plate carriers allow the vest to be upgraded with armored plates that take the vest to a NIJ Level III or IV protection level.

        While other companies offer Level IIIA vests that have 7 by 9 inch pockets, we manufacture our vests with 10 by 12 inch pockets. There are pockets on both the front and back of the BulletSafe vest. These large armor pockets allow you to upgrade to a vest that will protect you from rifle fire over a larger area.

        The BulletSafe Level IIIA Vest protects you from handgun fire with layer upon layer of soft High Tensile Strength Polyethylene (HTSP), which is a generic version of Spectra.

        You can choose to upgrade your vest to a Level III or IV with plates made of steel, ceramic, Dyneema polythylene, or a hybrid of these materials. Generally, lighter plates are more expensive.

        Our Ballistic Plates will upgrade your vest to a Level IV. They are made of Alumina and High Strength Polyethylene Composite. They weigh 5.65 lbs each, and measure up at 10" by 11.875" by 0.80". These ballistic plates are curved to fit your body and feature a protective nylon sheath.

        For most customers, a Level IIIA vest will protect against everyday handgun concerns. However, if you find yourself heading to an area where sniper fire and serious conflict are real concerns, adding hard ballistic plates to your vest is an excellent idea.

        When deciding on a ballistic plate for upgraded protection, it is wise to ask yourself a few questions. Will you be moving a lot? Do you need to be able to move fast? How long will you be wearing your bulletproof vest?

        If you don't have to move quickly in your vest, or you won't be wearing it for long periods of time, consider buying steel plates. They are heavier, weighing just over 13 pounds, but will provide the protection you need.

        Ceramic composite plates can weigh up to 7 pounds per plate (ours weigh 5.65 pounds). This is still a lot of weight to get used to while trying to move quickly.

        If you will be in situations wherein you must move fast, consider getting the more comfortable lightweight plates. These plates are more expensive, but weigh closer to five pounds.

        Weigh your options carefully when deciding on the right body armor for you. You will still experience the force from a bullet when wearing any bulletproof vest, even one that is outfitted with ballistic plates, but that force will be spread out and is far less likely to injure you severely.

        We recommend getting used to wearing your vest in a safe area before heading into a dangerous environment. Get used to the weight of your vest, with and without plates, so you can move safely and efficiently.

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