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        SKU : BS53001

        ARAK Bulletproof Shield

        This is the BulletSafe ARAK Bulletproof Shield. It is called the ARAK shield because it offers NIJ Level III protection, so it stops bullets from AR-15's and AK-47s. Since we introduced our other bulletproof shield, people have been asking us if we would introduce a shield that stops rifle bullets. This is that product. So if you might need to stop bullets from an AR-15 or AK-47 (and even .30 caliber rifle rounds), this is the bulletproof shield for you.

        Because the ARAK Shield is from BulletSafe, it stops these rifle bullets for a great price. BulletSafe always delivers great value and the BulletSafe ARAK Bulletproof Shield continues this tradition. It offers level III protection, ultra-light weight (just 11.2 lbs), and the best price in the business.

        The BulletSafe ARAK Bulletproof Shield Summarized:

        • NIJ Level III (3) protection - Stops AR-15/AK-47 Rifles
        • Ultralight Weight - 11.2 lbs.
        • Great Price! - $749
        • 345 Square Inches (15" Wide, 23" Tall)
        • Material - Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

        There are very few ultralight, level III shields available today. The materials used in these shields are too expensive for other manufacturers to offer at a reasonable price. But BulletSafe sells a large volume of ultralight plates and thus buys Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene in large volumes. So when we make a shield out of that same material, it is less expensive than anyone else's.

        The BulletSafe ARAK shield offers a 15" x 23" (345 square inch) protection area for such a low price. This price allows police departments and individuals access to this protection. This is the right value for police departments, SWAT teams, College Campus Police, Armored Car Companies, School Safety, even hunters and doomsday preppers.

        The plus is not an official designation, but our company and others use it to indicate that the vest also offers protection from stabbing, knives, and slash protection. Not all ballistic materials will stop a knife, but the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest does, so we call it IIIA+.

        Modern Sporting Rifles like the AR-15 are widely available, and the most popular rifles sold in the USA today. If you need protection from these weapons, then the BulletSafe ARAK Shield is the right choice. It is perfect if you are facing a potential active shooter situation.

        Bulletproof shields are useful when the threat of being shot is highest or when you need to protect more than just yourself. Officers can use a ballistic shield to knock on bad guys’ doors or to shield bystanders from a dangerous situation. Individuals can use a bulletproof shield to protect themselves and others in panic situations.

        The Bulletsafe ARAK Bulletproof Shield is available in a right-handed configuration. It is possible to use the shield if you are left-handed by turning it sideways. We do not dislike left-handed people, we merely seek the lowest possible cost and understand that lefties probably won't be too upset that their shield is sideways as long as it protects them in an emergency.

        The BulletSafe ARAK Bulletproof Shield carries a 5 year ballistic warranty. This warranty starts at the date of purchase and when the shield is removed from its original packaging and continues until 5 years from that date.

        By offering ballistic protection to more people, BulletSafe is saving the lives of school safety officers, security guards, police officers, and anyone else who needs to be safe from bullets.




        Who can buy a bulletproof vest?

        Almost anyone can order a bulletproof vest from us. Unless you are a convicted violent felon, you can legally order, own, and wear a bulletproof vest. The law does not limit your ability to be safe. We ship vests to 49 states (not Connecticut, and not internationally). If you live in Connecticut, you are required to buy a vest "in person" from one of our dealers.

        Who buys bulletproof vests.

        Bulletproof vests are popular for armored car personnel, police officers, security guards, ATM service technicians, repo men, investigators, pawn brokers, gas station attendants, avid shooters, hunters, preppers, and anyone else who wants to protect themselves from danger. No one wants to die at work, so people at risk buy BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests.

        Why is it a vest?

        The bulletproof vest has evolved into a vest shape to protect your most vital organs and keep you alive if there is an incident. Body armor is most comfortable when it is lightweight and you can move freely. For these reasons, a vest is the best configuration. A large bulletproof vest offers twice the protection area of a plate carrier with two 10x12 plates. If you want to protect yourself on the job, you want a bulletproof vest.

        What are the pouches on the front and back for?

        If you ever decide that you want protection from rifle rounds or heavier weaponry, you'll need to acquire ballistic plates. We have a great plate at a great price as well and it fits perfectly in these pockets. Our lightweight ceramic plates will fit in BulletSafe vests size SM-4X, while our Ultralight PE plates fit in Medium-4X BulletSafe Vests. Our Extra Small vests do not have space for the pouches.

        Where can I buy this vest?

        You can order your vest right on this page and we will ship it out immediately from our warehouse in Troy, Michigan. It will arrive at your door quickly. You can also find BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests at these retailers. If you operate a retail store or chain of stores, we are currently expanding the number of retailers that stock our vest. If you would like to sell BulletSafe vests in your retail store, click this link and fill out the form, a wholesale sales representative will contact you.

        Is it comfortable?

        The BulletSafe Vest features a CoolMax rear liner and fully adjustable top and side straps. These features make it more comfortable than many bulletproof vests. Still, bulletproof vests in general are not very comfortable and ours is no different.

        Can I exchange a vest for a different size?

        Yes, but only if it is still in new condition and within 30 days of your purchase. If you would like to exchange for a different size, the vest must be returned in as-new condition (clean, dust-free, unworn, not covered in animal hair, doesn't smell like cologne). Please include a note with your return telling us what size you would like to receive. We will mail the correct size free of charge.

        Please contact BulletSafe/Sellmark Corporation Customer Support at 817-241-5745 to discuss your exchange and return process

        Can I return a vest for a refund?

        Yes, but only if the vest is in new condition and you do it quickly. Returns are accepted if they are postmarked within 7 days of receipt. All returns are charged a 15% inspection/restocking fee. The vest must be returned in as-new condition (clean, dust-free, unworn, not covered in animal hair, doesn't smell like cologne). All returns require a Return Authorization.

        Please contact BulletSafe/Sellmark Corporation Customer Support at 817-241-5745 to discuss your refund and return process

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