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    Free Gift with A BulletSafe Order

    Receive a free gift with your BulletSafe order. This simple gift is a token of our appreciation. It's a survival oriented item that you will find useful. Who knows? It could even save your life, just like a BulletSafe vest.

    The free gift changes every once in a while so that repeat customers don't end up with a bunch of the same item. In the past it has been a survival bracelet, a reusable match, a combination spork/survival tool, a tactical pen, or some vest odor remover. You'll have to order yours to find out what you are going to get. It generally has a retail value of about $9 though and we try hard to pick items that you will find useful.

    Note: Limit 1 per order.

    Also Note: Don't be a jerk and try to order a bunch of them, or order them without ordering something.  Real people pack these orders so you won't get away with something and it just makes us feel disappointed in you.



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