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    Black Friday Special - Great Free Gifts With Every Vest Purchased

    BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests has only one special offer per year and it is on Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Here is our special offer for 2020. For every vest you order, you will receive this combination pack free. It includes:

    The BulletSafe Vest Hanger - This heavy-duty hanger will hold your vest securely. This extra-strong hanger can carry even the heaviest kits of body armor.  Vest, Vest with Plates, Vest, Plates, Crotch Protector, and Bandana. This hanger will hang it all. It has upturned ends to keep your vest from sliding off one side. It's great and you'll love having it.

    A Great Flashlight - A good flashlight makes a great gift for a security guard or police officer. This one is BRIGHT, around 300 lumens. This is the brightest compact flashlight you'll find for free! It uses 3 AAA batteries and has a brilliant white light. This flashlight features adjustable zoom and a simple on/off switch. We like this light and are happy to offer it as part of your free gift. 

    Fine Print / Rules
    • When you order a BulletSafe vest during our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale, this item will appear for free in your shopping cart.
    • Are you ordering more than one vest? You can order more than one of these kits.  You will have to increase the quantity of this item to match how many vests you are ordering.  There is no limit to how many vests/kits you can order.
    • The offer starts the night before Thanksgiving and ends at Midnight on Cyber Monday.
    • You have to order a vest. That includes our most popular item, the standard vest, you can also order our tactical vest, our Active Shooter Kit, our K-9 Vest, and you can even order our Protect-O-Panel even thought it is more like an apron.
    • This is a limited time offer. We can't add it to your order later. We won't ship it separately. After Monday night the price of this combo will go back to $29.99.
    • You have to have this item in your shopping cart before you check out.
    • This offer cannot be combined with other coupon code offers.
    • You can still combine this offer with our FREE SHIPPING offer, which is always available.


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