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        The History of Bulletproof Vest Materials

        Kevlar was discovered in the late 1960s, when the DuPont company began to experiment with making new, lightweight tires.

        A crew of inventors developed a new material, made from poly-p-Phenylene-therephthalate and polybenzamide. Amazingly, this fiber showed incredible toughness and strength. Immediately, it was clear that this material could be used for more than just tires.

        By 1971, the fabric had been refined, and presented to the world as Kevlar. Kevlar was immediately recognized as a fabric that could be used to protect people against gunfire. Kevlar was lightweight, and five times stronger than steel.

        Kevlar and its generic equivalent, High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE), made bullet proof vests more easily accessible to police officers and other officials. Law enforcement agents no longer had to suffer heavy, cumbersome body armor; with HMWPE, they could move comfortably in dangerous environments, while remaining protected.

        Many police departments require their men and women to wear body armor. Bulletproof vests are known as lifesavers that provide peace of mind, and real protection. It is estimated that bullet proof vests have saved the lives of over 3,000 law enforcement officers.

        HMWPE bullet proof vests offer protection not only for police officers, but for their families as well. Families of individuals who perform dangerous work can feel safer when they know their loved one is wearing a bullet proof vest, and that's something to remember while deciding whether to purchase one.

        HMWPE is used not only for body armor, but in clothing and other protective gear. You will often see Kevlar and Spectra brands of materials used in clothing made for miners, road workers, and bikers.

        Though HMWPE has been acquired and used by many industries, it has made its strongest impact in the creation of bullet proof and stab proof vests. No other material is as effective at protecting you from gunfire. The BulletSafe Level IIIA Bullet Proof Vest utilizes layers of HMWPE to keep you safe from most handgun rounds. We chose to offer you a HMWPE bullet proof vest because they are the industry standard, providing unparalleled comfort and protection.



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