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    The Super Seller Package

    Do you own a large gun store, gun range, uniform, or Army/Navy Store? If so, BulletSafe would like to have you as a retailer.

    Great Vest - Unbelievable Price
    BulletSafe offers a great bulletproof vest at an unbelievable price. You can sell our level IIIA vest for just $299! Designed for security guards but available to everyone, BulletSafe vests are easy to stock and easy to sell. Your customers want a bulletproof vest and at $299 they can now afford to buy one today.

    Creating A Buzz
    People are talking about BulletSafe. Our company is newsworthy because no one else offers such a value. You can share the success by becoming a BulletSafe retailer. Customers who want one will come to you. Walmart and chain stores don't sell them but you can!

    The Super Seller Package Includes
    We understand that you may have never sold bulletproof vests before. We make it easy with this super seller package. It includes 18 level IIIA vests (you get to choose the sizes) and 6 ceramic plates. When you pay for those items, $222 per vest and $122 per plate for a total of $4,800, we give you free freight, a free BOB martial arts dummy, branded hangers, a waterfall, and a point of purchase display to help customers find the answer to common questions.

    Call us today: 1-800-809-0610. We would love to help you outfit your customers with great bulletproof vests that they can afford to buy today.



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