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    Welcome to BulletSafe.com's Reviews page, where we collect the reviews we've received for BulletSafe.com and the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. See what other customers are saying and why thousands of customers have chosen to buy their body armor from BulletSafe!


    Reviews for BulletSafe.com:

    Great product along with a great price, and a human that spoke english answered the phone right away, gotta love it, and the fact that they offer at such a great price compared to others, 299 gets ya level IIIA protection, and vest has plate carriers built in for additional if needed. Check out tests on youtube, then get yours!
    -Norman F.

    I bought mine a few months ago. I wear mine primarily when I am out in public as I legally conceal carry. I also plan to wear it when I go to the firearms range and when I do ride alongside as a civilian with the local police department.
    -Terry P.

    My wife bought me a vest from Wild Bill when he was in Texas just before the SHOT show. What an awesome guy! He recommended a large so I could have more side coverage and it's perfect! Love the vest AND the price! Thanks, Wild Bill!
    -Sean C.

    Great price point. Fantastic customer service. My only issue is the size. They try and sale this as a concealable vest and it is not in the least. I ordered a large per their sizing chart. It was enormous. I'm not a little guy 6ft 220. Cool no problem. I sent the vest back at my cost and received a medium which they shipped out to me in two days which I liked. I received the medium if it's a lot better. But is nowhere near concealable I was half tempted to send it back for a small if it didn't cost me $60 to send it back already. It interferes with my duty belt, however still a great product for the price. it is just not concealable so I guess I will hold onto it for the zombie apocalypse but it does me no good for every day wear.
    -Cory W.

    Finally a civilian friendly product that meets all of the industry safety standards. An affordable level of protection you can't afford to be without no matter your shooting activity.
    -Don D.

    Best vest out there. I put my Life on it, and in it.
    -Terry S.

    Totally in favor of body armor. If you need it, it's worth it's weight in gold.
    -Roy B.

    Great customer service.
    -Brady C.

    Outstanding customer service.
    -Mike N.


    Reviews for the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest:

    Just got my vest. Extremely portable and easy to handle unlike other vests.
    I am very pleased with it and plan on buying another one as soon as pay day comes around
    Thank You for a great product
    -Les P.

    Thanks for the Great Product. Having served in the military and law enforcement I have some knowledge of a quality product. In the uncertain world that we live in today this is a great and affordable investment. Better to have it and not need it than to not have and need it.
    -Kris H.

    The Vest is Great, i love the reviews online, my Employer GardaWorld purchased it for me, Thanks Again.
    As others the Vest is Stiff. Wish i had an option for External Carrier as i need, Radio Holder, Knife, Zipper Pocket.

    I'm very very satisfied with this vest. Not only am I satisfied but I have fellow officer's very interested in buying a Bullet Safe Vest
    -Tom W.

    A IIIA ballistic vest has been on my wish list for some time. Two things were holding me back. First, it is a "big ticket" item for me, and I had to wait for a good time to buy. Second, I never knew which vests were both quality, good value for the money, and from a repitable seller. It occurred to me recently that the price of a vest had to be put in context -- it's only about half the price of a new handgun. And the $300 price point is at the low end for what appeared to be quality products. So I took a gamble that BulletSafe would be a reputable seller. I am delightfullt suprised! The vest came very quickly -- next day I think. Free shipping option. It arrived in excellent condition. Fits as expected. Looks and feels like quality. Very happy. Will get a second one at some point for a family member, and probably pick up a couple caps as well.

    The folks at GardaWorld bought mine. I'm really happy to have it. It's a great vest and it is nice to know that someone cares about my safety. Thanks Garda, now how about a raise and allowing us to crank up the jams in the truck. Ha!

    I work in security and brought this vest through my job. I wear it under my shirt, and I feel that it is a little stiff and does not contour to your body that well. When extending my arms or crossing my arms in front of me it doesn't really flex and give good mobility. Very nice on the price. The panels are a nice size and does cover front and back well, no side coverage though, but again it is stiff. I have a condor plate carrier and I have more flex with it, since the plates are not as wide as the panels in the Bullet safe vest. So what can you do to soften up the panels and make them contour more to your body (shape)? My Point Blank vest which cost a lot more money but definitely more comfortable. I really like the vest and price, but I think it needs more flex and contour to your body for Comfort. If I have to take someone down as in wrestling I need all my motion..
    -Big Marv

    In my line of work which is armored trucks. I was looking for something that wouldn't cost an arm and leg. Found Bulletsafe, watched all the reviews. Said OK. best price in the business. Tried it go, it fits great and thats saying something being 5 foot 2 inches. Ordered IIIA, its not heavy. Thank You for making a great vest and at a reasonable price. I will order alot more in the near future.
    -C. Mendel

    I am an extra large man but I only needed a large bulletproof vest. I'm 6' 1" tall and 225 lbs, so I ordered an XL. I almost ordered a 2X, but I looked at the size chart and realized a 2X was way out of my size range. I would have saved myself a lot of trouble if I had ordered the large. The XL was too big. I'm fit, so the vest's straps were too large around my waist. They were cool about the exchange, but it took a few days to send it back and forth.
    Note From BulletSafe: Please use the size chart. Vests don't fit like t-shirts. If you look at our size chart, 6'1" and 225lbs is definitely a Large.

    I'm a bouncer at a biker bar. It's a rough place, but I served as a marine so when I retired I did this. Around the same time I was in Surplus City and they had these bulletproof vests for $299. I never thought I could own one, so I bought one. I started wearing it to work too. I wore it under my sweatshirt and kept minding my own business. I think my wife was sleeping easier knowing I had it. One night someone got stupid and decided to shoot up the place as he drove out. He fired around 5 rounds into the palce and I caught one in the upper back. Some folks say it hurts like heck, but I didn't really think it was that bad, maybe a small gun? What are the chances I would think I would need a bulletproof vest, I never go to the army navy store, I don't usually buy much stuff let alone a bulletproof vest, and the bar hadn't had a shooting in 20 years. I thank God about it.
    -Jerry B.

    Our Bulletproof Vest stops all handgun rounds up to a .44 Magnum at an unbeatable price.
    In Stock - Ships Immediately - Please Use Our Size Chart for Proper Fit
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    Upgrade your BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest to class IV protection. Insert these ceramic plates in the front, rear, or both pockets.
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    The World's First Bulletproof Baseball Cap is now available and will stop a .45 to protect you every day.
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