Due to unprecedented demand, some armor products will be delayed 2-4 weeks. We thank you for your understanding.
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        Someday you may want to upgrade your vest to NIJ Level III or IV protection. To get there you'll need to install some armor plates. You'll need pockets on the front and rear of the vest in order to fully upgrade your vest. The BulletSafe bulletproof vest comes with pockets sewn onto the front and back of the vest, and we sell armor plates that fit perfectly into these pockets to increase your level of protection. BulletSafe's armor plates upgrade the BulletSafe vest from Level IIIA to Level IV protection.

        You may not want to upgrade right away, but you also shouldn't buy a vest without pockets or you'll have to get an entirely new vest later. Don't make that mistake. Choose the BulletSafe vest the first time and you'll be ready no matter what comes your way and no matter what level of protection you need.



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