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    Our Bulletproof Vest - Rear View

    Here is the rear view of our bulletproof vest. You can see that our vest has a pocket on the back to fit an upgraded hard-armor panel. You may never want to upgrade your vest; you may want to be able to add hard armor right away. Either way, it costs very little to add the pockets at the beginning and a whole bunch if you decide you want them later. We include the pockets in every vest we sell. It is one more thing that makes the BulletSafe vest a great bulletproof vest.

    There are lots of vests out there that offer Level IIIA protection, but surprisingly, not very many give you a way to upgrade that level of protection. The BulletSafe bulletproof vest comes with pockets in both the front and the rear of the vest that perfectly fit our hard armor panels, so that if you ever decide Level IIIA isn't enough protection for you, you can easily upgrade your vest.

    Our Bulletproof Vest stops all handgun rounds up to a .44 Magnum at an unbeatable price.
    In Stock - Ships Immediately - Please Use Our Size Chart for Proper Fit
    $699.00 $299.00
    Upgrade your BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest to class IV protection. Insert these ceramic plates in the front, rear, or both pockets.
    In Stock - Ships Immediately
    $249.00 $169.00


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