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        Do you want to partner with BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests to help protect people and earn money? Join The BulletSafe Affiliate Program.. BulletSafe is the leading bullet proof vest affiliate program online. We offer high commissions, attentive management and a great cookie life. Our goal is to help you offer your readers, fans and followers a high-quality bullet proof vest at affordable prices and a fair playing field for you to be paid for sending customers to us.

        The BulletSafe affiliate program offers our partners:

        • 10.4% commissions
        • 60 day cookies
        • Attentive affiliate management through Adam Riemer Marketing, LLC.
        • We make sure your leads are not pirated by others
        • Custom banners and creative
        • Videos showing how effective our vests are
        • And more!


        The BulletSafe affiliate program invites the following types of Affiliates:

        • Professional advice blogs and videos for Police, Security, Fire, EMS, Repo men, Process Servers, etc.
        • Suvivalist blogs, communities, groups, forums and resources
        • Hunting resource sites and communities
        • Gun clubs
        • PPC marketers (No trademark bidding or variations)
        • Loyalty sites (With restrictions)
        • Coupon sites (With restrictions)
        • Social media partners (no using our trademarks as hashtags or posting to our corporate pages)
        • And anyone else with relevant traffic!


        Click Here To Visit The BulletSafe Affiliate Program Signup Page at (ShareASale is the network that operates the affiliate tracking features)..


        • How do I join?
        • When will I get paid?
        • How can I contact you?
        • How do I get a banner or link to use?
        • Can I join if I’m a current customer?


        How do I join?
        All you have to do is Click This Link. and you’ll be taken to our sign up page on Share a Sale.

        When will I get paid?
        Share a Sale will pay you once a month if you meet the minimum threshold in commissions. If you have any questions about payment, please write to shareasale (at) shareasale (dot) com.

        How can I contact you?
        You can contact us by Skyping our Affiliate Manager at adam-riemer or by writing to Adam: adamr (at) adamriemer (dot) me.

        How do I get a banner or link to use?

        1. Yes. Log into Share a Sale by visiting
        2. Click on Get Links.
        3. Now use the search box to find BulletSafe.
        4. Select get links.
        5. Now choose the banner or text link you want and click get html.
        6. Now paste that code into your site and you’re done.


        Can I join if I’m a current customer?
        Yes. The best promotion anyone can have is from a happy customer. Please feel free to join our program and we are looking forward to having you as a partner.

        Tips and Tricks
        There are tons of ways to promote and sell bullet proof vests through our program. Below are a few ways that you may want to try and use as a guide to help you find a strategy to make money with the BulletSafe affiliate program. If you would like us to create a custom strategy for you, please contact our Affiliate Manager by writing to adamr (at) adamriemer (dot) me.

        Pinterest is an amazing source of traffic, especially if you have a new site. If you write a blog post and incorporate a theme into it, you can create a pinboard around that specific theme. If your blog post is about surviving an apocalypse, you could create food storage, supplies and protection boards. Once you create the themes for your boards go and find pins that would add value to the board. Next go to your post and add your own products to it. When people click through to your site, you can have your affiliate links on the product pages and when people click through from your site on your links and purchase their vests and plates, you’ll earn a commission.

        PPC Keywords:
        Because of the price points and an AOV (average order value) of $430, PPC may be a great option for you. Here are some keywords and negative keywords you may want to try as a starting point.

        Keywords You May Find Effective:

        • Bullet proof vests
        • Level IIIA vests
        • Bullet resistant vests
        • Level IV vests
        • Level 3 bullet proof vests
        • Ballistic plates
        • Ceramic ballistic plates
        • Bullet proof vests and ceramic plates


        Negative Keywords You Should Use:

        • BulletSafe
        • Bullet safe
        • Material
        • Materials
        • Make your own
        • Create
        • DIY
        • Clothing
        • Clothes
        • Glass
        • Tires
        • Windshield
        • Windows
        • Full body
        • Dog
        • Animal


        You can use these as a starting point for your PPC campaigns and then add to them if they work for you and help you make money.

        Build trust with videos and demos:
        BulletSafe offers the videos from our website for you to use. By adding the videos of our vests to your site you can add credibility and show that they actually work and what they can hold up against. Log into Share a Sale and when you get to the section with links, you’ll see a tab that says videos. Copy and paste the code into your site and you’ll be able to feature our videos to help sell the vests. One other fun thing you could do is buy one of the vests and do you own fun videos.

        One of the videos could be a fake one about protecting yourself from a Zombie Apocalypse, another could be what fruit can withstand the bullets or create a series of videos about how to protect yourself with a bullet proof vest and other protective products in case of an apocalypse or war. The vest can be one of the things you talk about needing and why it is important.

        Banners and Creatives.
        Here are some of the banners you will find inside Share a Sale. To access them, simply log into Share a Sale (Once you’ve been approved), click on get links, find BulletSafe in the search box and click get links again. Now you will have access to all of our creatives.

        Join Now. The BulletSafe Affiliate Program Signup Page is Here.



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