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    Bulletproof Baseball Caps Now Available For Pre-Order

    March 13, 2015 – Troy, MI

    BulletSafe, the company that offers a $299 Level IIIA bulletproof vest is now introducing a bulletproof baseball cap. The cap, which offers frontal protection, is meant to be worn continuously and to project a more approachable image than SWAT style helmets.

    “This cap gives increased protection without intimidation. It’s a discreet way for officers to be a little bit safer and aligns with community policing and current security practices,” said Tom Nardone of BulletSafe.

    The company will also be showing the bulletproof baseball cap at ISC-West booth #8146 and other trade shows. Caps are scheduled to ship in November. Like other BulletSafe products it is affordably priced. It will be available for $129.

    Pre-orders for the caps are being accepted online at a discounted price of $119. Pre-orders will be billed at the time of shipping.

    Here is a link to the page where you can pre-order a bulletproof baseball cap. http://www.BulletSafe.com/products/bulletproof-baseball-cap



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