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    RiotReady Riot Pads Set - Shoulder, Arm, Leg Pads

    RiotReady Riot Pad Set Includes:

    • Shoulder Pads
    • Elbow/Forearm Pads
    • Lower Leg Pads

    This set of full-body protective gear includes shoulder pads; elbow/forearm guards; and front and rear leg protectors, which extend from the knees down over the ankles. This set is ideal for protecting your limbs from the impact of swung or thrown objects. These items are durable and twice as thick as normal sports pads, yet still flexible enough to allow a full range of mobility. This pad set is a perfect compliment to a bulletproof vest, which will offer chest and back protection under riot conditions.  These pads come in one size and will comfortably fit wearers up to 225 lbs.

    RiotReady is a new, high-value brand of riot gear from the same people that brought you the affordable BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. Like bulletproof vests, riot gear is essential to some professions and is often unaffordable. RiotReady ensures that anyone who wants protection can get it.

    Customers who tend to purchase riot gear include municipal and campus police officers, security guards, preppers, and airsoft players. Because of its versatility and the high degree of protection riot gear provides, it usually costs several hundred dollars per piece. This makes it difficult for the everyman to afford. Thanks to RiotReady, however, the demand for accessible protective gear has finally been met.

    The RiotReady Riot Pad Set weights 6.5 lbs.

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