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        Riot Gear

        BulletSafe Riot Gear provides total-body protection. There are shoulder, arm and leg pads to safeguard against clubbing weapons or thrown projectiles, such as bottles or rocks. The Riot Shield and Helmet are excellent for crowd-control efforts and peace-of-mind for law enforcement and security personnel. When you’re in a dangerous, riotous situation, make sure you have the BulletSafe Riot Gear to keep you safe and healthy.


        When it comes to the ultimate in body protection in the line of duty, high-quality riot gear from Bullet Safe proves most effective against dangerous objects and obstacles alike. We have everything you need to safeguard your person against elements big and small!

        BulletSafe not only makes a great bulletproof vest, but we also make bulletproof shields to keep you safe. Like our vests, BulletSafe's shields represent the best value in the protection. They offer great materials and technology to deliver protection you can carry at a price you can afford. When you’re first in the door against an unknown threat, what do you want between you and a potentially life-threatening situation? Personally, we’d take a high-quality bulletproof shield to stack the odds in our favor, so that’s precisely why we carry riot shield and BulletSafe BulletProof Shields!



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