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    Replacement Side Straps

    Do you need new side straps for your BulletSafe Vest?  Perhaps you gained or lost some weight and the straps are too long or short now?  If so, you can easily purchase new side straps. 

    We try to make the straps as inexpensive as possible.  We want you to keep wearing your vest so you stay safe and save money.  That's kinda what we do here at BulletSafe, we keep people safe and we save them money.

    Note:  These straps fit perfectly with BulletSafe vests and replacement carriers sold after April 2nd, 2018. If you have an earlier vest, consider upgrading your standard carrier and you'll be able to use different size side straps.

    Straps come in four sizes:

    S-M - The same size strap that would come with both the Small and Medium vests
    LA - The straps that come with a Large Vest
    XL - The straps that normally come with an Extra Large vest
    2X - The straps that normally come with a 2X vest.



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