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        Bulletproof Shields in your Backpack

        Bulletproof Shields in your Backpack

        Though violent crimes have steadily been declining in recent years, it's hard to turn on the news these days without hearing a report about another criminal using force to impose their will on others. While encountering an attacker is rare, situations and circumstances can change in an instant, and many have decided to take protection into their own hands.

        For the everyday commuter, the BulletSafe bulletproof backpack panel is the size of a 10x14 inch notebook and at 17 ounces, weighs just as much. Deceptively soft and pliable, this lightweight bulletproof panel is NIJ Certified to Level IIIA, making it capable of stopping a wide variety of handgun calibers up to and including the legendary .44 magnum.

        Types of Firearms Used in Crimes in 2021

        Statistically, the handgun was the most used firearm in crimes across the United States.

        In a 2021 study conducted by the FBI, 62% of the total firearms used in crimes were handguns, while 3.6% were rifles, and another 3.6% were automatic weapons/machine guns.

        A separate 2021 study by the Office of the Attorney General revealed that the 9mm has been the caliber of choice for criminals since the late 1990s due to its abundance and low cost. Out of the sample of firearms used in crimes which were examined by the Bureau of Forensic Services for the study, 90.3% were handguns, and 46 of those were chambered in 9mm, with the second most common caliber being the .40 Smith and Wesson. Thankfully, a Level IIIA plate like the BulletSafe bulletproof backpack panel is more than capable of defeating a 9mm even in close quarters.

        Another advantage of buying a $99.97 bulletproof backpack panel is cost. Other companies might charge as much as $899 for a complete backpack system, but an insert, especially one as light at the BulletSafe bulletproof backpack panel, can be placed in the laptop panel of any conventional backpack without any need for modification.

        As the old adage goes, it is better to have and not need than to need and not have. Investing in a BulletSafe bulletproof backpack panel is also an investment in your peace of mind.



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